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Western European Union Citizenship Program

Western European Union Citizenship Program

Privacy Paradise currently represent a government approved "CITIZENSHIP" Programs as referral agents for well-known European Countries. Please be advised that

Western European Citizenship Program!

This brand new (2016) EU residency program leads to naturalisation, i.e. citizenship with a valuable western European Union passport in most cases within 6 weeks instead of years and years of waiting! In brief we are providing all the necessary documents for your Citizenship Application, exactly like you have spent the required time (in most countries 5+1 years) in the Country. Once you have made your order and the payment has completed, we can advise you for further details and as soon as we start working on your European Citizenship Application we will send you a hard copy of every supportive documents including your tax ID, employment contracts from top companies, proof of your income, bank statements, tenancy agreements, ect from the past 5 years. These together with our assistant will give you the right to become a legal EU citizen in 6 weeks!

As you probably realize obtaining legal residency anywhere within the European Union is no easy task, especially for persons from a third world country like China, India, Central and South America, etc. and so forth. Of course first world countries like The United States, New Zealand and Australia are easier, albeit not as easy as one would like.

Enter our "EU Residency to Nationality Program."

The cost is remarkably low, considering how valuable this program is, whilst being extremely flexible indeed.


This is an unmissable opportunity which can change your life in just a few weeks!


Don’t forget once you have received your passport you can move around in Europe without any restriction. You can work legally and apply for certain government benefits in the country you will be in.

DO NOT ask us for the name of the country

This will be disclosed when you have submitted your preliminary application and after we receive your request. Any inquires requesting the name or other information's about this residency program PRIOR to our receiving your request will be disregarded. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not waste our time and yours otherwise!

Many our happy clients are enjoying their new life in the EU.


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